Disorder CBT Incoming and New Faction “Cadaver Unit” Teaser Released


Disorder CBT Incoming and New Faction “Cadaver Unit” Teaser Released

Post on:2019-06-21

  The Closed Beta Test of NetEase squad-based shooter game Disorder will be open on June 27th! The beta test is available in the following countries in the Test Flight (iOS)  and Google Play Store:

  Indonesia: Opens at 10 A.M. (GMT +7)

  Malaysia / Philippines: Opens at 11 A.M. (GMT +8)

  Australia : Opens at 13 P.M. (GMT +10)

  New Zealand: Opens at 15 P.M. (GMT +12)

  Here's another piece of good news! Disorder releases a teaser for its “Cadaver Unit” faction. The video features the story of the birth of Fire-bringer, a core member of the Cadaver Unit. In Disorder, war has become the new norm around the world. Armed factions are constantly at war with one another over nuclear weapons and money. In previous videos, the Pale Knights, the self-proclaimed defenders of justice, were shown fighting in their role as the fire to protect human order, while Ghost Puppet, which is based on the principle of disorder, was seen drifting between factions. The name “Cadaver Unit” appeared briefly in the Pale Knights video, but this new teaser reveals the faction’s new and previously unknown past.

  Watch “Cadaver Unit”:

  This video contains clues as to why the Pale Knights call the Cadaver Unit a group of “disgraceful traitors”: Fire-bringer, one of their representatives, was himself a member of the Pale Knights before his “rebirth.”

  Fire-bringer seems to be the protagonist of the trailer. The trailer introduces his life before his “rebirth” by showing us the shards of his memory. It still remains unclear why Fire-bringer, as a high-ranking officer, was imprisoned at The Garden of Earthly Delights. And the truth about the powerful nuclear explosion on the island is yet to be revealed. What we do know is that he has an enemy on the island, another prisoner whose body seems to have undergone profound changes. His enemies also include the powerful Pale Knights faction and the mutants. Was he always destined to become one of the Cadaver Unit’s “collected corpses”?

  As the Cadaver Unit is a full-time faction made up of “collected corpses,” its primary member is Plaguedoctor, the head of surgery. It seems as if she has entered into some sort secret agreement with Fire-bringer, while the identity of another character, who also seems to be an officer of some kind, has not yet been revealed. While the members of Ghost Puppet each have their own unique backgrounds, this doctor who can “resurrect the dead” seems to have an even more complex and mysterious past.  Under the leadership of these two women, what role will the aptly named Cadaver Unit play in the world of Disorder?

  As the story progresses, new videos will continue to be released on the official website, revealing the backgrounds of various characters and exposing existing oppositions between factions. Don’t forget the Closed Beta Test will be open on June 27th. Visit the official website for pre-registration and the latest updates.

  Faction introduction videos

  Pale Knights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL0xo-fGmEc&t=2s

  Ghost Puppet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBe4U6jFUiQ

  Official Sites

  Pre-register now: https://www.playdisorder.com

  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playdisorder/

  Twitter: https://twitter.com/letsdisorder


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